May 12, 2023

Come on down and dance the night away with Gary Martin & The Roadhouse Blues Band.

There will be a silent auction and 50/50 raising money for Bonnie and her journey!

This is a free event. Come on down and show your support.



Two years ago today Bonnie was a healthy 42 year old, active mother to 3 amazing teenagers and a working nurse. On May 13th, two years ago Bonnie was very very sick. She was at this time diagnosed with non-smoker stage 4 lung cancer. Since that day Bonnie has been fighting for her life. She has done incredible things after initially being told she was at the end of life.

Bonnie has a mutation which makes her a candidate for gene therapy treatment. Unfortunately, there is not much information on how well this works and for how long. With this in mind and the will to fight Bonnie sought alternative treatments to increase her chances of survival and quality of life. This brought her to a clinic in Mexico, Sanoviv, where she works with an oncologist also trained in functional medicine. Bonnie is in way better shape than any of us could have imagined after her diagnosis.

There are cases out there of others beating this disease and we believe Bonnie can do it. She has the will to fight to be here to see all three of her children graduate and hopefully meet her grandchildren (in the very distant future). We are raising funds so Bonnie can continue treatments in Mexico.

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